FTSE 100 Gains Amid Virus Treatment Hopes, Follows Asian Market 

FTSE 100 Gains Amid Virus Treatment Hopes, Follows Asian Market

On Monday, FTSE 100 tracked Asian indexes’ footholds and jumped 1.6% as the US health makers and regulators have approved a coronavirus plasma treatment. The American federal government is also mulling over easing US regulatory standards for the speeding process of getting the experimental vaccine from the UK, making UK pharma giant, AstraZeneca, the best performer on the index, rising 2.4%.

On last Friday, the UK market closed at a weekly loss after up trending for three weeks as the fears and concerns over Britain’s economic recovery after the pandemic and Brexit issues compounded simultaneously among investors. On Monday, UK’s FTSE 100 and mid-cap index, FTSE 250, surged 1.6% and 0.8% respectively, primarily helmed by industrial, consumer discretionary, and financial shares.

Meanwhile, USA’s market standard measurer, S&P 500, is trending at record than pre-pandemic levels, led by investors’ hopes that the pandemic damage is over and from several economic stimulus packages as compared to the blue-chip FTSE 100 which has recovered from its March lows but is still behind America.

Besides, On Monday, except five company shares, every other stock gained with Bunzl Plc. rose 3.9% after continuing dividends.


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