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ETFinance Review 2020

ETFinance Review 2020

ETFinance platform is presented for traders throughout the entire world. This platform is advanced in financial supplying services. ETFinance is endowed with top qualities in order for the clients to get premium access to the Exchanges. The broker offers here to trade on a great variety of assets like currency pairs, indices, stocks, metals, complex financial derivatives, commodities. It also allows trading in different variations of the platforms. All actions and information about the broker’s investors are kept in privacy due to policy rules.

ETFinance is here to lead to success

This brokerage firm as a professional market participant guides the investors on the Exchange. ETFinance can equip the clients with a wide range of instruments and assets in order to help them to reach desirable results. The broker is aware that all traders set different goals but can provide tools to complete each of them.

Get to know the market better

ETFinance platform works on the basis of the high-tech solutions, which allow the traders to open and close the deal by several clicks. ETFinance developers have built the system due to which the platform operates fast in online mode without retarding any executions that the traders carry out. The platform is perfect for online trading. The traders just need to have internet, device, which is preferable to them and browser to get to ETFinance platform. With these components, the broker guides them to any part of the market. The platform contains many graphs and charts, by the mean of which the investors keep a close watch on the market not to miss an opportunity to gain.

The broker works for its name

ETFinance firm functions under Magnum FX (Cyprus) Ltd, which operates several different brands of providing trading services. Magnum FX (Cyprus) Ltd. is a leading Cyprus Investment Firms licensed by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 359/18. The company’s registration number is 360548. CySEC is the authority for Investment Services firms in Cyprus and is a member of the Committee of the European Securities and Markets Authority. Its license is subject to Law 87(I)2017 which provides for the provision of investment services, the operation of the exercise of investment activities, the operation of regulated markets, and other related matters, which is harmonized with EU Regulation.

ETFinance offers exactly what traders need

Choose Numerous Stocks in ETFinance Broker

The broker is conscious of what modern traders set as a goal. That is why it gives it and provide an opportunity to use it. This platform has a full package of instruments due to which it’s possible to perform transactions. These instruments are different, so traders with any levels find what fits them perfectly.

1. Currency trading on ETFinance

Currency trading is a very popular way to operate on the Exchange. Many traders use this tool to work on the financial market. It is because currency is pretty simple and understandable, especially for beginners. Currency trading involves the exchange of the currency pairs, for the purpose of earning on the difference in exchange rates. ETFinance company provides access to a great number of currency pairs. It also provides informative articles and instruments for developing individual trading style.

2. Metals trading on ETFinance

Experienced traders know that precious metals are an asset, which is always relevant to choose. Many precious metals go up in price during the crisis and always in demand. Therefore, long-term investments in most metals can help to preserve financial resources during the crisis period and even increase them. On ETFinance site, traders have a chance to select any precious metals, that they believe can bring hem a profit. The broker offers trade on gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and many others. Open Account with ETfinance to trading metals now.

Trading Style of ETFinance Broker

3. Indices trading on ETFinance

This asset is commonly used despite its complexity. The index charts do not differ from the charts of other trading instruments. Indices can be analyzed with almost any indicator, technical analysis, or candlestick analysis. ETFinace offers to trade indices and the ability to buy/sell simultaneously a whole package of company shares.

4. Stock trading on ETFinance

The exchange operations with stocks are advantageous for various reasons. First of all, traders get a high probability of the funds return. The liquidity of shares is confirmed by real goods: the property of the company, raw materials, and commodities. It provides a wide range of companies; which shares is can be traded. On the sections with stock trading, the broker’s customers find the shares of different companies, such as Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, and others. ETFinance also prepared additional instruments to make the activity of the investors more productive.

5. Commodity trading on ETFinance

This kind of asset is old and trending among many traders on Exchange. The brokerage company provides to choose commodities of several sorts: energy soured like oil and gas; textiles like cotton, silk, wool, leather; metal commodities like gold, silver, copper. This is only a small part of all traded assets in the commodity market, that ETFinance can offer to its investors. This segment of the market is popular as commodities are the topical financial instruments. The most important thing for the commodity market is economic growth, as well as demand from the largest economies in the world. These factors are always made movements on the market, so traders can produce a profit on it.

6. Complex Financial Derivatives trading on ETFinance

Complex financial derivatives instrument allows traders to form an effective investment portfolio, within which they can deal with completely different tools. The most exciting fact about complex financial derivatives is that investors never actually own a particular instrument or asset that they have chosen to trade, but still benefit from market movements. When ETFinance customers choose the complex financial derivative option, they have the opportunity to profit from any market movements and trends. The company offers to try complex financial derivatives training on different assets, such as stocks, commodities, and indices.

7. ETFs trading on ETFinance

ETF is a type of securities that monitors indices, commodities, currencies, specific stocks, or bonds. Using ETF shares, it is possible to carry out the same operations as with ordinary shares on the Exchange. Providing these new tools, this broker allows the traders to gain cost-effective access to numerous markets and industries without buying individual shares or other assets and without paying additional fees. ETFinance offers more available stocks on ETFs for investors that choose this platform. Open Account with ETfinance now to choose the desired ETFs.

The broker gives the opportunity to get the market, using any financial instrument with zero commission. ETFinance traders get a unique opportunity to work from any device online. The platform is swiftly, allowing the traders to perform sell and buy orders in a quality manner.

Choose the platform to achieve your goals

ETFinance as a highly energetic platform has the capacity to operate in different modes. It fits any device with an internet connection. The creators of this platform developed the program to function by the mean of web-browser and mobile application.


WebTrader is a practical solution for online trading. This mode of the platform is easy in using and filled with powerful tools. This version of the platform is no need to be installed on the device. WebTrader is meant to transfer traders to the financial market through an internet browser. Work on WebTrader starts in seconds and constantly improved for traders to work more efficiently. WebTrader compatibles with PC and MAC.

MetaTrader 4

The main worth of the program is the convenience and simplicity of trading. MetaTrader 4 trading platform can delight with its flexibility, which allows to carry out trading operations without obligatory sitting at the computer. This platform allows traders to control the balance of accounts and replenish it directly from the mobile application with one click. Here, users have an option to copy signals from other traders, become suppliers of trading recommendations. Traders receive up to 80 signals per day on MetaTrader 4. The strength that MT4 is equipped with is algorithmic trading. This means trading with automated trading systems. This mode of the platform is easy to install and use for the newcomers and advanced investors both.

Mobile app

The mobile app of the trading platform opens all the resources to perform web-financing activity. This mode provides the opportunity to have access to the market any time of the day just digging into own pocket. The mobile app is a revolutionary way to monitor the market at any convenient time for traders. The Mobile version contains all features that a conventional platform does. ETFinance offers to try to trade on this ground-breaking application.

Different accounts for different aims

Since ETFinance realizes that all traders have different abilities regarding starting sum and tools to use, the broker prepared different account tiers. The company offers to trade on Silver, Gold and Platinum types of trading profile.

The Silver account perfect features for absolute beginners, which are following:

  • 750 assets to trade on the platform;
  • minimum spreads at 0.07;
  • maximum leverage at 1:30;
  • full 10-hour support from 10am – 8pm GMT;
  • Islamic type of account.

The Gold profile definitely fit for those, who gained some experience. It contains the opportunities like:

  • minimum spreads at 0.05;
  • maximum leverage at 1:30 for retail accounts;
  • maximum leverage at 1:400/1:500 for a professional account;
  • a dedicated account manager;
  • webinars and videos;
  • hedging;
  • swap discount 25%;
  • Islamic type of account.

The Platinum account type helps advanced traders to upgrade their skills by the mean of:

  • minimum spreads at 0.03;
  • maximum leverage at 1:30 for the retail accounts;
  • maximum leverage at 1:400/1:500 for a professional account;
  • a dedicated account manager;
  • webinars and videos;
  • swap discount 50%;
  • news alerts function;
  • free VPS;
  • Islamic account type.

Choose the required type and Open Account with ETfinance broker in 3 easy steps.

ETFinance provides an opportunity for the investors what account to choose by themselves. The broker affords traders the opportunity to dispose of the deposit and instruments to trade on under own steam. The broker allows using the tools that are presented on its site as much, as trader needs.

Educate yourself and gain more

ETFinance offers the investors to be better than yesterday and to keep bettering themselves. The broker’s site includes educational center with valuable information. It makes a positive impact upon trading results. ETFinance presented to customers’ attention a whole educative section, which includes VOD, e-books, webinars, articles, courses, tutorials, trading signals, economic and earning calendars. The information that the broker gives at investors disposal help to perfect the outcome and work out individual trading style.

Winning Platforms of ETFinance Broker

Fast respond and solve the problems of the investors

ETFinance created a whole support team, which its traders can address to. The broker responds to its clients and takes any suggestions on how to improve the service. It provides customer support in different languages. This firm came up with a function of a professional approach for traders that trust ETFinance broker. On this site traders can find several ways to reach the managers. The company prepared contact form, phone number, that is responsive from Monday till Friday, live chat support and mail.

ETFinance site includes a large number of opportunities for traders. The broker helps traders to realize their huge ambitions. Accomplish this, ETFinance provide its clients with a high-efficiency platform to buy and sell any time they believe to do this. The platform is capable to perform any transaction. The company developers paid attention to the diversity of preferences regarding assets to trade. For this reason, this site has large selection of financial instruments. ETFinance customers’ support managers are glad to serve the traders. There are hired a polite and responsible team. The company offers to embrace the opportunity to trade on the global market, and investors need to use it.

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