Eastern Europe Sees New Restrictions Amid COVID Cases Surge

Eastern Europe Sees New Restrictions Amid COVID Cases Surge

Nations in East Europe are facing a fresh restriction flow, which includes compulsory face masks in Croatia, and travel bans in Hungary.

Hungarian administration, on Sunday, said they would divide the nation into three groups, namely, red, green, & yellow – depending upon the number of coronavirus cases in a region. The authorities would then execute the restrictions such as mandatory quarantine for entrants and other bans.

Hungarians from Red zone countries, i.e. high corona affected nations. They require to stay in quarantine for two weeks or until tested negative, 48 hours apart. Further, the foreigners from the same category are banned from entering Hungary. Some red zone countries are Ukraine, Belarus, & almost the whole of Africa, Central and South America, and Asia.

Besides, people coming from Yellow zones will have to quarantine for two weeks or until they test negative, one time for Hungarians and twice for foreigners, 48 hours apart. Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Japan, China, USA, Britain, Russia, Serbia, and many more include in the Yellow zone category.

New Restrictions Amid COVID Cases Surge

The COVID crisis is also showing signs on Europe elections

Poland, which held the presidential elections on Sunday, 12th July. The elections held between Andrzej Duda and Rafal Trzaskowski. The voters required to wear mask and gloves, compulsorily, use hand sanitizers, and obey social distancing.


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