Dollar Rises To Two Months High


Amid the economy recovery crisis looming, the dollar price rallied near to a two month-high in the early trades on Monday. It peaked against a basket of currencies. The news broke during the barrage of political development due to election and doubts hovering about the economy are doing rounds.

A little change (94.530) was observed in the dollar index. Interestingly, a week back, it had touched the pinnacle (4.745) in the past two months. Since April, it was the most significant weekly hike.

Meanwhile, the euro changed its position to $1.1635. It had plummeted to $1.16125 on Friday, which was its lowest in the past two months. However, the British pound performed fairly at $1.2767 bettering its position after hitting $1.2676 the last Wednesday (two month low)


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