Dollar gains points ahead of the US elections

Dollar gains points ahead of the US elections

Monday morning in Asia opened up with dollar prices gaining some momentum before the much-awaited US presidential elections. However, the global pandemic coronavirus is continuing to way on investors’ mindset. 


The US dollar index rose to 94.093, making a profit of 0.05 per cent at 3:17 AM GMT. The greenback continued its spree of holding gains from the last week. Since September, it was the biggest weekly gain that the currency made lately. 


Investors seemed cautious while turned their investment toward the safe-haven currency. 


On the other hand, the USD/JPY pair climbed to 104.66 gaining 0.02 per cent. However, some pairs were not that fortunate. 


AUD/USD pair lost 0.13 per cent and settled to 0.7017, while NZD/USD slid to 0.6609 losing 0.11 per cent. USD/CNY plunged to 6.6867 with 0.08 per cent loss. 


The cases of COVID-19 are rising rapidly in the US and Europe, but some investors are of the view that the market is getting immuned to such news and speculation. 


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