Dollar gains as stimulus package talks gain momentum

Dollar gains as stimulus package talks gain momentum

Dollar prices shot up high after the news of US stimulus package buffeted from all corridors during early traders on Thursday. It reversed the deficit of the previous day and investors once again showered their trust on the safe-haven currency.  


The US Congress is on the range of passing the package as per the latest developments. The dollar index of the US surged to 92.763, a gain of 0.14 per cent by 1:58 AM GMT. 


 The recent remarks by the POTUS Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised expectations of people before the elections on November 3. It flourished atoms of hopes in greenback while whetting the appetite in investors for investing in riskier instruments and assets.


Meanwhile, the USD/JPY pair climbed to 104.69, gaining 0.13 per cent. On the other end, the USD/CNY pair rose to 6.6649, managing a benefit of 0.22 per cent. 


However, GBP/USD pair skidded to 1.3133, a loss of 0.08 per cent. The AUD/USD pair plunged to 0.7094, procuring an impairment of 0.33 per cent. 


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