Disney plans to make entertainment and live sports programs for Twitter

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Walt Disney Co is thinking of creating news, live sports and entertainment shows for social media giant Twitter, with the goal of attracting advertising revenue and online viewers through video streaming.

Comcast Corp networks such as NBC and MSNBC, MTV, BET and Viacom Inc’s Comedy central as well as other are also creating new content for Twitter, based on a statement announced by Twitter on Monday which includes 30 deals for both original and live programing.

According to the statement, the ESPN network of Disney is planning a Sports Center type program which is exclusive for Twitter along with breaking news and sports analysis. Also, the social network is going to stream ESPN’s podcast, the Fantasy Focus, live.

The deal is going to broaden Twitter’s streaming services and will likely aid Disney and others reach out to audiences online. According to Twitter, video views grew in the past year, doubling past numbers.

The agreement will also see Disney’s ABC broadcast network, Freeform, Disney Channels and the company’s movie studio will also create live programming for the social media.

After Disney announced the deal, Twitter’s shares (TWTR.N) climbed 4.5 percent to $30.31. Meanwhile, Disney’s shares gained 1.1 percent to $100.33 after the record breaking debut of the film “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Other companies that will produce video for Twitter includes Will Packer Media, Hearst Magazines Digital Media and BuzzFeed News along with sports leagues such as Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball.

The deal was announced in New York at the Digital Content Newfronts, a venue where companies endorse upcoming programming to advertisers.


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