COVID-19 vaccine hopes Weigh on Dollar price

COVID-19 vaccine hopes weigh on dollar priceType a message

The dollar prices witnessed a down in the early trades on Tuesday. It shrank after the news of COVID-19 vaccines’ availability in the market sooner than expected broke out on Monday. The factor boosted the optimism in industries and the recovery of economies globally.


The US dollar index by 2:23 AM GMT was down to 92.632 by 0.22 per cent.


Interestingly, in partnership with German drugmakerBioNTech, Pfizer had conducted a trial on 94 people with an efficiency rate of 90 per cent.


However, some investors are doubtful over the long-term output and effectiveness of the vaccine and cease to jump the gun too early.


Meanwhile, pair USD/JPY slid to 104.90, down by 0.44 per cent. The USD/CNY plunged to 6.6157, parring 0.19 per cent points.



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