Chubb reports Q3 revenue, earnings; beats expectations

Chubb reports Q3 revenue, earnings; beats expectations

On Tuesday, Chubb posted Q3 financial reports where its revenue beat analysts’ expectations but earning miss the predictions. The Swiss-based insurance firm posted EPS of $2 as compared to predicted $2.22 and revenue of $9.08 billion in comparison to $8.26 billion forecasted by analysts.


The firm is trading at $123.42. It is already 20% down since the beginning of the year and is underperforming in the S&P 500 index, which is 5% up from the start of 2020.


The venture follows major similar finance company reports. JP Morgan, on 13th October, posted earnings per share of $2.92 as compared to forecasted $2.23 EPS, with revenue of 29.94 billion on predicted $28.22 billion.


On 14th October, United Health reported EPS and revenue that beat expectations. The organisation posted an EPS of $3.51 and revenue of $65.12 billion as compared to predicted $63.79 billion revenue and $3.11 earnings per share.


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