Growth of Chinese imports and exports is expected to slow down in August

Chinese Yuan

The growth in China’s exports and imports are expected to slow down for the month of August as far is dollar is concerned.

China’s export and import report for the month of August was due today at 10 am as market watchers keep their eyes on the health of the world’s second-largest economy before Communist Party meeting in October.

A poll that was conducted by Reuters and analysts expect a 6.0 percent increase in Chinese exports for the month of August from last year in terms of Dollar while August imports are forecasted to also rise by 10.0 percent in the period.

July this year, China reported to have a 7.2 percent increase in imports while its exports from the mainland reported to have gained another 11.0 percent for the same month in dollars term. The report on exports has reached what is expected from last year’s projections while their imports reports are not quite there yet.

China’s economic data have seen tremendous growth ahead its leadership changes that would take place this year and could slow down imports and exports for the near future.

Many investors and analysts expected the Mainland’s economy would turn to slower a slower pace for the second half of this year because of a crackdown on the nation’s debt and as its property market cool. Not to mention upcoming changes in its leadership that could greatly affect the economy status of the country.


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