China’s fruits and vegetable prices climbs as blizzard shuts down road and damage crops

Chinese Yuan

Record snowfall since late-Wednesday has crippled parts of China, with some portions issuing “red alerts” on Thursday following the 25 centimeters forecast of snowfall.

Prices of fruits and vegetables within the major cities in northern and central China have climbed up following the devastating winter weather which rendered major highways unusable, the blizzard was also reported to have damage crops.

Portions of highways joining SHanxi, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces were cut off. In northern Shanxi province, the roof from greenhouses for vegetables fell under the weight of the snow.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, over 45,000 acres of fruit trees, greenhouses for vegetables and tea farms were devastated by the blizzard. The ministry also added that the planting of wheat can also be delayed because of the cold weather.

As said on the state radio on Sunday, Hefei city, the capital of the province Anhui, will issue a seven day discount, for its residents, on vegetables after the prices climb.

According to the state radio, the prices of vegetables like lettuce and cabbages have more than doubled within the previous week in the eastern part of the Anhui province due to delayed transports and damaged crops.

On Friday, China’s government issued a warning for the imminent threat of a second wave of sleet and snow reaching the central, northern and eastern parts of the country following the catastrophic effects that incapacitated some portions of the country in the most terrible weather this winter.


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