Britain’s National Grid to slash Scope 3 emission

Britain's National Grid to slash Scope 3 emission

In an unprecedented decision, on Thursday, National Grid of British decided to cut down the emission of Scope 3 by almost 20 per cent by 2030. That means the company will have to work around on gas and electricity supply to the US and within Britain for reducing the emission. 

Interestingly, several companies have pledged to reduce the emission of Scope 3 to combat climate change across the globe. It also includes the indirect emissions generated by people using the products made by the company, where they have no part to play. 

The company is citing to move on technology by 100 per cent. It is slated to use the electric fleet for commuting through light vehicles by 2030. This would curb its air miles by approximately 50 per cent compared to 2019. 

Notably, the emission of Scope 3 by National Grid was equivalent to producing thirty million tonnes of CO2 for the financial year 2019/20.


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