Production cuts on Brazilian Coffee in 2017 may keep prices steady

Brazilian Coffee production

A stall in the production of Brazilian coffee this year might keep coffee prices steady, and any expectations that there will be a drop in the production of coffee will be around 20-30 percent

 The Cepea institute said that even if Brazil and Columbian output is expected to cut production for 2016-2017, stocks for 2017-2018 will be expected to remain constricted due to the drop of output that are coming from Vietnam and Indonesia

Cepea Stated that “In addition, world consumption is expected to increase,” and  looking much further in 2017 harvest “even without official estimates of Brazilian production… initial signs already indicate that it should be lower”, a study attached to Sao Paulo University.

Coffee Futures might be glum

In this year, a decline is expected because it is an “off” in Brazil’s cycle of production.  Brazil has a cycle of alternating high and low production of Arabica coffee.

Cepea expects that Brazilian robusta production in the 2017 should not reach large number. This includes an expectation that a lower-grade coffee will gain relatively high values.

Brazilian coffee exporter Terra Forte first released its first forecast for domestic coffee output this year. a survey was conducted and has placed the output to be  down by 12% at 48.1m bags, including a 13% drop to 38.2m bags in the outputs of Arabica.

However, Procafe stated that November production will drop deeper for more than 20% based on the ideas of dryness over the previous year have curbed fertilizer applications which restrained the yield potential in last year’s produce.


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