BP evacuates staff as storm springs in Gulf of Mexico

BP evacuates staff as storm springs in Gulf of Mexico

Concerned by brewing up of Zeta, a tropical storm at the Gulf of Mexico offshore, BP in a statement said that it started to rescue and evacuate its staff from the region of secure facilities and oil platforms. 


Zeta is forecast to turn into a hurricane before it hits Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico late on Monday, said the National Hurricane Centre of the United States. 


For securing its offshore facilities, BP is rescuing workers from Thunder Horse platforms, Atlantis, Na Kika and Mad Dog. 


Notably, several oil producers of the Gulf of Mexico had to pause gas and oil production more than six times following bad weather, active storm season pertaining to environmental reasons. 


As per NHC, on the Saffir-Simpson scale, it is a hurricane of category one. Winds of Zeta can blow up to 75 miles per hour. 


The oil production accounts for seventeen per cent of the total US crude oil. 


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