Berkshire Hathaway B Financial Reports slightly Low in 2Q

Berkshire Hathaway B Financial Reports slightly Low in 2Q

On Saturday, Warren Buffet led Berkshire Hathaway B posted its second-quarter financial reports which were slightly lower than the expert and analysts’ prediction. The company announced revenue of $61.08B as compared to the experts’ prediction of $61.14B. Moreover, the per-share earnings of the investment firm were $2.01, whereas the analysts’ predicted the same to be around $2.14 a share.

Meanwhile, Berkshire Hathaway B stock prices are 7% down this year, trading currently at around $210 per share, down from its 52-week high. Notably, the company’s stock is underperforming in comparison with the US market index, the S&P 100, which is already up 3.73% this year.

In the meantime, the giant payment company, MasterCard, also posted earnings per share of $1.36 as compared to the predicted $1.17 by experts. Also, the company outperformed the revenue predictions of $3.25B by earning a revenue of $3.34B.

Further, the Berkshire Hathaway B’s financial reports are in alignment with Berkshire Hathaway A, which posted an EPS of $3009.18 as compared to the $3210.38 forecast by experts.


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