Basics Fundamental of CFD and Forex

Basics Fundamental of CFD and Forex

For those who are new to the global market trade, it is necessary to build a robust educational foundation regarding all markets before directly jumping into the business.

For those who are already into the trading practice, should also read about these fundamental points to make their trading more profitable.

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What is CFD Trading?

CFD is a popular platform for trading in various markets against different financial price movements. In other words, it is over the counter derivative product, which makes you speculate markets you wish to trade-in. With this, one can start cryptocurrency trading, stock trading, commodity trading, forex trading, indices trading and can also exchange funds (traded ones).

In this, a trader can trade freely without actually purchasing the whole underlying asset or procuring any obligation or rights on the underlying asset. Its most attractive feature is its flexibility. One can trade against all the price movements without selling or purchasing the physical token.

Profit here depends on the price at which one buys an asset and the rate at which one sell it. The difference between the two prices determines the value of profit or loss incurred.

The answer might be clear now regarding what is cfd trading.

The Long and Short CFD Trading

CFD allows you to trade in either direction. In traditional trade, one will be in profit if the market goes up. Whereas, in cfd, one can open cfd positions which will profit you in case the market goes down or underlying market value decreases.

The above condition is an example of ‘going short’ or selling and is opposite of ‘going long’ or buying. In both going long or short, one recognises profits or losses after closing the position.

Forex Exchange Market

Forex is like any other market, but the chief difference is the trading commodity. Here trading is carried out through currency pair.

Currency pair is the combination of two currency of different countries. There are more than 75 major currency pairs to deal in. Most traded pairs are mentioned below, which cover 85% of the exchange volume in the currency trading market. Examples are USD/JPY, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF. Among them, the most famous one is USD/EUR.

FX market or currency trading market works in a decentralised manner accepting all global currency and trading. It is the largest volume market, even if we combine all stock trading markets, they will not make it up to forex.

Features of the Forex Market

Forex trading has become popular among trader because of certain advantages it provides.

1). Forex never Sleeps: 24 hours and five-day trading access in the market as trading goes on international depending on the business hours of different countries. It implies that one should be vigilant because anything can happen at any point of time irrespective of day or night.

2) Go Short or Long: There are no restrictions on short sell, unlike other markets. It depends on you to buy when the currency goes up or sell when it falls. You can lose or make money anytime in forex.

3) Low Spread Cost: Fees for exchanging and purchasing date license is not high. Along with the small fee, forex accounts can be accessed with little or no commission.

Trading screens display the cost require to enter a trade; this value is nothing just the spread between the selling price and purchasing price.

4) Unmatched liquidity: It is comparatively easy to start and pause trade any time, even with large size trade. The reason is the size of forex ($4 trillion), where a lot of people trade simultaneously on some trending currencies. Usually, forex trading is concentrated in a few trending currency pairs.

5) Available Leverages: One can trade with affordable leverage up to 400:1 because of availability of deep liquidity in forex. It helps you to gain even from small moves of the financial market.

Leverages can make a significant change in your profit, but it can also increase your loss. So care must be taken.

6) Global Exposure: Suppose you want to take a broad opinion and invest in another country (or sell it short!). In that case, forex is the right choice to attain exposure avoiding factors like financial statements in different languages and foreign laws for security.

Leverage in Forex

Leverage refers to borrowing money of a certain amount to invest it in some other thing. In the forex market, usually, a broker lends this amount to trader. With the leverage in forex, a person can acquire control over large share without paying the whole amount for that particular share. It helps a trader to purchase something of high value which he cannot afford.

To calculate the value of margin-based leverage, one can divide the aggregate transaction value by the margin amount.

The formula for Margin-Based Leverage is as follows:

Margin-Based Leverage = Total Transaction value / Required Margin.

For instance, if the value of one lot of USD/EUR is US$100,000 and one want to trade on this value. The margin for this value is 2% of the total transaction. To open trade, one needs to deposit this margin value which, when calculated equals to US$2,000. Thus, margin-based leverage will be 50:1 (100,000/1,000). Similarly, for a margin of 0.50%, this ratio will be 200:1.

In forex trading, leverage is generally as high as 100:1. It means that for each trade of $100,000, one need to have $1,000 in its account. Leverage is often considered as a risk by analysts; this is the main reason behind high leverage rates in forex. But if the one manage account properly, he can easily manage risk incurred by leverages.

Another reason for high leverage is the liquidity of the forex market. It is easy to enter and exit any a trade anytime as compared to other less liquid markets.


Pip is the unit for measuring currency movement in the market. This pip refers to the smallest unit change in the price. It depends on the currency pair. For example, consider that value of EUR/USD is 1.9500 at a particular time. After a few hours, this value change to 1.9600. So the value of a pip, in this case, will be 100 pip or we can value moved 1 cent.

Many analyst and successful trader prefer transaction with sizable amounts. It helps in increasing profit size of an investor during minute price movements. When you deal with more massive amounts such as $100,000, small change or pip can cause significant losses or profits.

Equity Stocks

Buying some share of a company means buying a small part of that company. This small part is known as equity. In other words, purchasing ownership in a business is known as equity. Companies divide their capital into shares and sell this in public.

The number of shares owned by a trader defines the equity he has in that company.

That’s why the stock market is known as the equity market, and stock trading is known as equity trading.

Stock Cash Trading

If we trade stock in Equity cash intraday, we can place it in bracket order or MIS order. While setting it in order, we get some leverage from the broker with whom we are trading. The different broker gives different leverage in stock cash trading.

Some Points regarding efficient stock trading:

  1. Market Price: The market price of companies keeps on changing depending on different factors. One should carefully examine the market situation and current price of a company before purchasing its shares.
  2. Calculating Price-to-earnings ratio by dividing the stock price by earnings per share.
  3. Dividend yield calculations help us to draw a comparison between different companies.

Bottom line

In the bull and bear market, nothing is definite. Everything depends on the assumptions of an investor. If he is confident and thinks that the value of a currency will increase, then he is termed as “bullish” and if he expects downfall in value than he is termed as “bearish.” Each day ends with this battle of assumption.

The assumption can work up to 80% if taken by keeping technical things in mind. For this, one needs to explore ideas.


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