Australian stocks close in red at day’s end.

Australian stocks close in red at day's end

At the close of day on Tuesday, Australian stocks took a nosedive and fell below than anticipated. Shares of resources, IT and energy were the biggest losers that took the market to plunge. 


The S&P/ASX 200 skidded to 1.70 per cent at the day’s close in Sydney. Meanwhile, Virgin Money PLC hiked to 1.71, gaining 0.04 points, a benefit of 2.70 per cent. It remained the performer of the day. Blackmores Limited jumped to 63.77, up by 0.68 per cent, gaining 0.43 points. 


The Bendigo and Adelaide Bank gathered 0.15 points and rose to 6.82 by adding 2.25 per cent to its kitty at the day’s end. 


On the other hand, Independence Group fell to 4.240, a loss of 5.36 per cent. It declined by 0.240 points. However, Corporate Travel Management Limited had the worst performance of the day. It dropped to 16.68, going 1.32 points down, falling 7.33 per cent. Zip Co Limited plummeted to 6.02, losing 0.34 points or 5.34 per cent. 


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