Apple’s battery health scandal highlighted on iPhone’s software update


Apple Inc’s actions on Wednesday, to provide iPhone users with information regarding the health of their batteries, is the complete opposite of the company’s well established decision to refuse users the ability to monitor battery information directly on iPhone and iPad users, despite of it has been fairly easy to check up the battery health on Apple’s Mac computers.

According to Apple, the update for the iOS software will provide users with battery information necessary to determine whether the battery is still healthy or faulty and is up for replacement.

The software update will also have a certain feature that will be able to turn off a piece of software that slows the phone’s performance.

In December, Apple Inc admitted that its software can deliberately slows phones with weak batteries after which the company issued an apology and dropped the price of battery replacements in stores to $29 from $79 for phones that are affected.

The gadget company powerhouse has always rejected applications that tracks battery health from the App Store for security reasons, however, a handful of developers has found a way to bypass these restrictions. After a 2016 software update, the apps stopped showing a major piece of information, the charge cycle count, basically means the times the battery was drained and recharged.

Lirum Labs’ Rogerio Hirooka stated that his company stopped showing charge cycle counts in the year 2016, however, the app can still display information of the charge capacity.

Apple did not issued a comment on why battery diagnosis is accessible on Mac but not on the iPhone, as well as the reason on why the company rejected Hirooka’s app.


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