Apple, Tesla Share Prices Go Record High after Stock Split


On Monday, already skyrocketing shares of US giants, Tesla & Apple Inc., surged record high again after the stock split took place, urging traders and investors to buy more.

The US tech, Apple, advanced 4% while the automaker, Tesla, gained more than 10%, making the company valued above giants like Walmart and Johnson & Johnson. Apple divided its current share into a 4-for-1 split, and Tesla split its stocks 5-for-1, increasing its market capitalisation to 329B pounds (or $440 billion). Both the firms cited the split as making it more affordable to public and retail investors.

However, in 2020, mere three firms have announced a stock split, plunging from 12 companies in 2011, all thanks to the brokerage firms, like Robin hood and many, which allow its trader to purchase shares in small fractions. The feature undervalues the importance of shares split, according to US Index S&P Dow Jones.

The US E-carmaker’s shares have advanced around 70% after the company reported its split news on August 11 and Apple’s stock have rallied above 30% as the company announced a split and robust financial statement on July 31. The overwhelmingly positive response might urge other high valued stock organisations to consider share split.

Only a handful of firms have a four-digit share price on the US stock exchange, which includes Google ($1600), Amazon (at $3,400), and more. Before the split, Tesla had one of the highest-priced shares on Wall Street, trading over $2000 in its last Friday session.

Apple, on the other hand, has split its share now for the fifth time since its inception in 1980, with last division in 2014 for a 7-for-1 stock split. Apple has also become the most valued firm in the world, surpassing middle east firm Saudi Aramco, trading with a market cap of more than $2 trillion.

Tesla has given a massive 500% ROI since the beginning of the year as compared to its similar counterparts like General Motors and Ford, which have plunged this year due to the pandemic. Both Apple and Tesla were enjoying high buying from investors and were the most traded shares at brokerage firm Fidelity.


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