Apple stocks slides further down as iPhone 8 plus complaints pile up


Apple stock continue to roll downhill as the Chinese media reports an unused iPhone 8 plus unit there had split open before even being used, reigniting concerns about the new model’s battery issues.

Apple’s stock was seen shedding another 0.34% to trade at $154.87 in the latest market session after the Chinese media reported the unit’s battery issues and screen splits.

The new battery complaints came pouring in after an iPhone user from Taiwan and another from Japan reportedly sent pictures of their units split open, which was triggered a string a complaints from other iPhone users.

The split is said to be caused when the battery inside the phone bloats because of the glass components inside the unit. Users of the smartphone also posted photos of the issue reporting that the units delivered to them already has defects prior to them using it.

Units were said to have been delivered with bloated batteries and separated screen prior to use which means that there is an issue with the iPhone units and not with the user.

The units with swollen or bloated batteries are unusable, as internal components of the phone are partly exposed and the front screen piece is bent. Apple hasn’t confirmed as the reason behind the bloating batteries but a spokeswoman says that they are fully aware of the and that they are addressing the issue.


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