Apple stock prices are in the bare in a rare market session as the week gets a kickstart by Pacific Crest


Apple shares depreciated from an overweight by the research that was performed by a firm, Pacific Crest that is focused on technologies. The bearish notes started when an analyst from the firm advised clients to buy Alphabet shares by selling some of their stocks from Apple.

Hargreaves, is an established research firm that believes that the surging stock price of Apple is not pricing in possible risks. But even with those negatives notes, Apple shares are up by 34 percent this year, and hit its peak just this month as investors divulge into major technology stocks. This was due to the investors anticipating the release of the new iPhone 8 that is set to be released this fall.

Hargreaves, another research firm, predicts the Apple stock to depreciate by $10 from its former peak of $145 which has been the average for the technology giant for the past 12 months. The downfall was sparked by the start of the week, as the makers of the new iPhone announced a new mobile operating system.

Hargreaves was also the first analyst to mention that there may be a limited number of the new iPhone models that is set to be released this year.

Other major technology based companies like, Amazon, Netflix and Facebook are also up by more than 30 percent this year and Google parent, Alphabet is up by 26 percent.


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