Apple shares dip as reports say that the company is facing iPhone production problems


According to the Wall Street Journal, the new $1,000 iPhone is to for a release on Tuesday, could suffer shipping delays due to manufacturing setbacks.

Apple shares have dipped on Thursday afternoon after a blurb from the Wall Street Journal stated that the upcoming iPhone were having production problems that caused glitches in some of its units.

According to the Journal, the new iPhone which costs about $1,000 which is scheduled to be revealed on Tuesday might be delayed because of the complication that is mainly caused by its new type of screen. The said screen was a challenge for the manufactures and was troublesome because Apple had to incorporate its fingerprint sensor within the screen for the touch ID feature.

Apple’s new phone is also expected to have OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display, similar technology that allows phone like Samsung Galaxy Edge to have curved screens. There are only a number of companies like Samsung that have capabilities to mass produce phone-sized OLED screens.

The reports comes after a few Wall Street analysts have predicted delays for the iPhones, which includes top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who reportedly foreseen manufacturing setbacks that are fore mentioned for KGI Securities.

Apple Shares were down by a pip and was last traded at $161, just an inch down from the session high of $162.24. Its shares of Foxconn technology, a licensed Apple suplier, were also down in the afternoon.



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