Apple to report its first monetary-quarter results for 2018 on February 1

Apple Shares

Apple has announced on Friday that they will be showing their fiscal first-quarter reports on February 1. According to reports, Apple is to announce their gains of $3.81, which was higher from the $3.36 per share last year. As for the time being, Apple (AAPL) shares are now down by 1.0 percent.

Analysts as well as the Wall Street are claiming that iPhone, Apple’s widely recognized device is perceived as the company’s main revenue and profit driver, the device acts as the company’s key in pushing AAPL stocks higher or lower.

According to surveys and records, the company is currently trading at $170.77, which was lower of approximately $9.33 from Apple’s twelve-month high but up by $50.15 from its twelve-month low; which indicated a confident and rising stock movement. In accordance to this, Apple stock has been indicated to have maintained above $169.25 with a resistance below $179.50.

In addition, analysts are claiming that if investors are aiming to establish a long stock position in Apple, investors should consider buying Apple stock under $170.50. With this, investors could take gains if the stock gets to a high of $196.00 or sell it if it skids below $143.50.



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