Apple expanding its grove almost getting into Window’s Territory

Apple expanding its grove

Apple is expanding its team in Seattle by creating a new department that is dedicated to artificial intelligence research.

Apple’s expansion will also strengthen its relationship with researchers at the University of Washington, there was an announced a $ 1 million endowment that is named after Carlos Guestrin, who is a member of the machine learning team at Apple.

In a statement, Guestrin noted the “amazing talent” that is coming from top universities and schools. Universities are struggling to keep staff because of big companies like Amazon and Microsoft located nearby, that are luring the best artificial intelligence researchers which has become so competitive in the past few years.

Guestrin stated in GeekWire, “The bar is high, but we’re going to be hiring as quickly as we can find people that meet our high bar, which is exciting,” which first reported on the expansion.

Apple’s artificial intelligence research is located across the world and Washington State has seen the fastest growth outside of the California for Apple’s staff over the past two years. Washington is not the only place where Apple is expanding. It recently revealed a new 175-acre campus in California, and vast 500,000 square foot office that is located in London.

Apple is working hard in making new innovations and would stop at nothing in order to achieve its goal, the iPhone has been the flagship of the company and is looking into other sectors where is could expand its horizons.


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