Apple AirPods Wireless Earbuds of to a Good Start

Apple AirPods

According to Slice Intelligence, an online sales tracker, sales of Apple’s wireless earbuds got off to a good start last month.

Apple’s AirPods is the number one wireless headphone since it was launched in December 13. Twenty-six percent of the online sales of wireless headphones in the United States for the month of December consisted of the AirPods.

Coming in at second was Bose wireless headphones with a share of 16.1 percent, followed by Apple’s Beats headphones with 15.4 percent. The third was Sony with 4.2 percent, then Jaybird with 2.5 percent and Plantronics with 2.2 percent.

Beats was leading in online sales in the United States before the release of the AirPods with a market share of 24.1 percent. Followed by Bose with a 10.5 percent share then Plantronics at 7.8 percent, Jaybir (7.5 percent), LG (4.6 percent) and Sony (3.6 percent)

The stock of Apple went up 0.5 percent to 119.75 on the stock market on, achieving a 14-month high intraday. The stock is still in buy range from 118.12 entry point.

Around 50 percent of all online sales of headphones in the last year is comprised of wireless headphones according to Slice. In the month of December about 75 percent of all headphones sold were cordless.

Slice said that so far, the biggest buyers of Apple’s wireless earbuds are men that make up 85 percent of the purchases. The buyers are also very young. Over one-third of the men who bought Apple’s new wireless earbuds were millennials, according to the research firm.

Apple’s AirPods were first announced to be released in October but was delayed for some last-minute improvements. The AirPods cost $159 and includes the charging case.


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