AMD claims security flaw have no effect on their chips

Equities rose

Microchip manufacturing powerhouse Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) responded to an Intel statement about a recent security flaw, stating that their chips are not affected by said flaw.

AMD is expected to issue a security research on the security flaw on Wednesday. The company provided an initial statement saying that the team responsible for the security research isolated three variants targeting speculative execution.

The threat and response to the three variants may differ depending on the microprocessor company, further adding that AMD is not susceptible to all three variants. AMD also stated that since AMD’s chip architecture differs from other chip manufacturers, the flaw may pose zero risk to the company’s processors.

AMD increased slightly following AMD’s initial statement. However, the stock dropped after Intel released its statement earlier.

The Register considered that the flaw didn’t have an effect on AMD chips but rather predominantly affected chips from Intel.

However, on Wednesday, Intel’s public statement showed that the flaw is not restricted to Intel processors only, suggesting that other manufacturers’ components might be affected too. Intel is currently cooperating with other companies, which includes AMD, to find a solution to the issue.

AMD’ first statement indicates that it is cooperating.

As stated by AMD, the company is currently working together with other manufacturers to study and counter the speculative execution attack recognized by a security research team to guarantee the safety and protection of their users.

Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, spoke about the conversation with Jon Fortt of CNBC, stating that Google was the first to inform Intel about the issue, and to Intel’s knowledge, the flaw had not yet been studied.


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