Amazon taking A.I. race to a new level


This week, Inc revealed a collection of its latest machine learning features for its Amazon Web Services cloud computing business, rising up to contend Silicon Valley’s tech firm giants for the first place in the artificial intelligence race.


The new features will offer AWS customers to write and rapidly “train” their personal artificial intelligence algorithms, develop language translating software applications on the go,  and provide them with the latest tech in video analysis and text scanners.

Artificial Intelligence also referred to as machine intelligence or MI, is intelligence from machines versus the NI or natural intelligence associated with humans and other animals.

(ML) Machine Learning refers to the subcategory of AI where advanced computer algorithms are made to read patterns in huge amounts of data to process problems by themselves.

AWS boasts its latest features where a company could rapidly interpret customer calls and make further analysis on written text for customer comments.

Amazon, Facebook Inc, Apple Inc and other major tech companies are engineering and utilizing AI for their own products. AWS latest AI innovations could make it affordable and easier for emerging and less technologically inclined companies to incorporate AI tech.

Amazon Web Services’ yearly conference in Las Vegas was the venue for its product announcements, which included 1,300 new AWS features.

Even though Amazon’s rank in the cloud computing sector is regarded as a prominent player, AWS is still behind two tech powerhouse and rivals Alphabet Inc’s Google and Microsoft Corp when it comes to latest AI services.


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