Analysing Amazon Inc.: The Online Retail Giant

Amazon - online shopping

Company Brand

Amazon, the multi-million internet retailing company was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Originally called “Cadabra”, the company was focused on selling products online. The company was later renamed as what we know now as “Amazon” after a lawyer misheard the original company name as “Cadaver”.

Bezos, in an interview stated that he chose the word Amazon because as he read in the dictionary, it was a place that was “exotic and Different” and its name fits the company profile just right.

Brief History

The company started out as a simple online bookstore. In just a few months, Amazon was able to sell in all 50 states and over in over 45 countries. Amazon’s sales climb an average of $20,000 per week. On May 15, 1997 Amazon issued its first public offering of stock and traded under NASDAQ with the stock exchange symbol AMZN at a price of $18.00 per share.

The online retail giant has invested in several projects, these project include, Amazon Prime Instant Video, the Amazon Fire Phone the amazon, and the Amazon Clod Drive.

The Platform Website has no doubt gained popularity all around the world; although it can only cater to a few countries all around the world the website has been made known even to the countries where its services are not yet available.

The Company has invested heavily on a massive amount of money in order to further their server capacity in order to handle great traffic during peak seasons.

Amazon has 14 domains, some of these are found in China, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada and the United states.

In Just a few years the Company has grown a customer base or around 30 million people. Based on a sales revenue model, Amazon makes its money by taking in a small percentage of the sale price of a product that is sold using the website.


Since the founding of the company, it has attracted many criticism and controversy from a number of sources because of its action. These controversies include, Luric Customers away from the Site’s brick and mortar competitor and its rumored to have poor warehouse and the work environment for employee are said to be non-conducive.


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