2Invest Review 2020

2Invest Review 2020

2Invest operates as a complex financial derivative provider and offers its financial services to the traders from Latin America. The company was found in 2019 and despite this has already gained a stable reputation and popularity on the Latin American market. 2Invest’s activity operates by Aronex Corporation LTD. It is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), and our headquarters are located in Seychelles.

For its customers, 2Invest provides decent trading conditions for a wide range of markets and products. Here at 2Invest, all assets are traded through a special derivative financial instrument called complex financial derivative. 2Invest offers complex financial derivative trading in currency pairs, stocks, products, and indices. This is the maximum that can now be found in the market of financial services providers. By choosing the right trading strategy and investing in preferred assets, clients not only gain new experience but also diversify their portfolio.

In addition to attractive trading conditions, in 2Invest you will find a well-designed, intuitive interface, comprehensive training resources for deeply exploring the field of trading, as well as the best tools and a leading trading platform. Together, all this invests in the professional development of 2Invest clients, enriching their experience, and creates the conditions for honing trading skills.

Regulatory Details

As mentioned earlier, 2Invest is controlled and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles and is licensed accordingly. This is an important point because it determines the security of the company’s financial activities as a service provider.

The regulatory body has as its task the issuance and regulation of financial companies, including 2Invest. As a regulated financial services provider, following the rules, the broker complies with the FSA guidelines and ensure the security of customer information and funds. The broker also provides periodic financial reports and are fully responsible for its financial activities.

2Invest-Super Security Levels

2Invest business is completely transparent, and you can easily contact us. So, for example, the broker’s clients can contact us via phone, email, or live chat. Customer service is available on an ongoing basis: agents can be contacted from Monday to Friday.

As for security measures, they are firmly embedded in the 2Invest concept. Speaking of implemented security measures, our trading platform is protected by firewalls and additional security levels, since it uses SSL encryption. All data which is transmitted on this platform is encrypted to prevent third-party cyber-attacks.

The 2Invest team has tried to create a safe trading environment so that customers do not have hesitation in deciding to trade on this platform. Perhaps there are service providers in the market with more advantageous functions and conditions, but the first thing a trader should pay attention to when choosing a financial services provider for trading is regulatory status. In this regard, 2Invest has no problems, ambiguities, or contentious issues. The broker is sure, that good trading experience is impossible without security measures and regulations.

Products and Trade Offers

One of the main reasons why clients choose to work with 2Invest is the richness of trading opportunities. Traders who are interested in building a professional career are attracted by the impressive number of markets and assets with which they can trade.

So, 2Invest offers its customers access to trade more than 350 assets. Due to this, the broker’s customers do not have a difficult decision to choose one particular asset for trading. There is also no need to trade with several service providers, each of which offers trading with only a certain asset. By opening any type of account with 2Invest, the customers enjoy the versatility of the trading process, as they have access to both the most popular trading products, and not quite well-known, but promising.

Through our platform, customers invest in the following asset categories:

  • Stocks: With 2Invest, customers are allowed to trade in stocks of more than 75 large global companies.
  • Indices: 2Invest has 15 available stock markets, allowing its clients to trade around 500 stocks with low initial investment.
  • Currency Pairs: Working with the currency market, clients’ trading opportunities cover 47 available pairs, including the most popular.
  • Commodities: By investing in raw materials, 2Invest customers gain access to 17 complex financial derivative products, like precious metals, agricultural products, and others.

One can take the full advantage of these financial instruments’ trading by joining the broker. Open Account with 2invest is an easy 3-step process.

The advantage of trading multiple assets is that the trader diversifies investments without focusing on one product, and also minimizes the possibility of potential risks. Having analysed the financial activities and transactions of the company’s customers, it’s possible to make a conclusion that 2Invest clients quite effectively trade all products available for trading.

2Invest Account Types

On 2Invest platform, customers can choose from 3 different types of accounts.

Before choosing to favour one of the types of 2Invest accounts, it is important to take a look at the characteristics and features of the trading conditions that it offers.

The standard set of 2Invest accounts includes the following account tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All three types of accounts have common features and differences that determine the peculiarity of the further process of concluding transactions and the features of trading in general. For example, all three types of 2Invest account provide customer service 24 hours a day. Below are the features of each of the types of the accounts, and it is important to mean that among them there is no good or bad. Their separation only contributes to the creation of more differentiated and favourable trading conditions for the traders, depending on their experience and goals.

Silver account is the basic type of account that all users have at the start. This type of account does not charge a deposit fee and offers up to 1:20 margin.

Gold account: In this type of account, a deposit commission is also not charged. Available margin reaches 1: 400. There is also a free VPS. When choosing a Gold account, a special customer service manager is assigned to 2Invest clients. There is also a 25% discount on the swap.

The platinum account offers the following conditions: zero deposit commission, margin trading allowed up to 1: 400 and free VPS. In addition to this, users of this type of account have round-the-clock coverage and personal assistance. There is also a 50% discount on the swap, and also an account manager is appointed. Besides, news on the investment market is offered as an additional bonus.

2Invest - Trading Options with each tier

In order to correctly choose the type of account, 2Invest clients need to first identify their trading goals. Based on them, 2Invest clients choose a specific trading strategy and choose more suitable trading conditions to implement their trading plans.

At the very beginning of cooperation with 2Invest, the traders actively use the option of opening a demo account. It is important to note that not all financial service providers have such an opportunity, therefore, the clients do not miss the chance to trade with a training account.

A demo account is especially useful for all those who are just starting their trading activities. 2Invest training account is multifunctional, just like a real account, but all funds on it are virtual. Thus, the client can easily trade for free and get completely immersed in the process, getting to know better with the trading platform and the features of the trading process with 2Invest.

Deposits and Withdrawals at 2Invest

As follows from what was written about the types of 2Invest accounts, none of them charges a commission for making a deposit, which is necessary for starting to trade.

First of all, it is important to indicate that 2Invest has various ways to make deposits. This greatly simplifies the process for users and makes it more flexible. The broker’s customers make a deposit using their debit or credit cards, electronic wallets, or bank transfer. The choice of method is the decision of the 2invest traders themselves.

As for the withdrawal of funds at 2Invest, it is carried out in the same ways by which the deposit was made. The processing time for a withdrawal request can be a maximum of seven business days, but this usually happens faster. There is also no maximum amount of 2Invest that can withdraw from the account, so this can be any, even a huge amount of funds.

In general, 2Invest has well developed a point of deposit and withdrawal of funds, because this is one of the key aspects of financial activity. A variety of payment options is a big advantage, as customers of 2Invest are free to choose the method that they prefer.

Trading Platform Features

One of the components of the trading process is a trading platform. A trading platform is a program for working with financial assets, without which the trading process as a whole is impossible. Today, there are many different trading platforms, and this market also has its own recognized leader. Officially, the best trading platform for today is MetaTrader 4, so the customers trade on this platform.

In addition to outstanding technical characteristics, the platform is attractive in that it has several options. Options for 2Invest traders include the downloadable MetaTrader4 software, the Web Trader online platform, and the 2Invest mobile application for managing operations outside the computer.

2Invest - Trading Platform Features

Experience the trading platform with the broker, Open Account with 2invest.

Each version of the platform has its advantages. For example, MetaTrader 4 software has excellent features and characteristics. The clients can download this platform to their PC. WebTrader is a web platform that is accessible through any Internet browser. To use this version of the platform, there is no need to download the MetaTrader 4 software itself, since the trader only needs a browser and a network connection. Of course, WebTrader provides access to all financial markets, despite its different format.

As for the mobile application, MetaTrader4 for smartphones and tablets is available on iOS and android and can be downloaded for free.

In general, Meta Trader4 may be the most flexible platform, as it easily adapts to the needs of traders, without allocating too much time for this.

Customer Support and Service

Ensuring constant and comprehensive contact with customers is another part of the broker’s work. 2Invest customers have several options to contact the financial services provider, and they can choose the communication format convenient for them.

2Invest official website has a list of ways to contact the support team, and they are freely available, and all customers can use them.

Customer Support at 2Invest consists of professionally trained agents who also have experience in the field of trading. These are employees whom the clients turn to when they have questions of any complexity. The working days of 2Invest customer support are five days a week, from Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 22:00.

2Invest customers have several options for contacting support agents. They include live support chat, phone (the website has a list of eight phone numbers), an email address, and a contact form that is placed on the site and is available for filling at any time.

Conclusion: 2invest Review

2Invest is a complex financial derivative financial services provider that focuses on Latin American residents. The brokerage company financial activities and services are strictly regulated, and it also provides appropriate protection for customers who choose to trade here. Its regulatory authority is the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). 2Invest also uses strict security protocols and follow the latest security standards, so that clients could trade with no issues.


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  1. I prefer trading on 2invest for the following reasons. The broker has affordable account tiers. Platform that 2invest offers are different and efficient in its way. I choose WebTrader, it is online accessible and handy.

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