101investing Review 2022

101investing broker review

101Investing Review in the role of broker, provide top-grade financial supplying service. The company came to the online trading market to be a top of a kind. It has already induced to join the platform traders from many countries. The brokerage company sets sights on providing multiple tools and types of platforms to operate on Exchange. This broker also allows its clients to work online. We provide web access to the market for the people who want to burgeon out in trading.

101investing Reviews 2021 Summary

💲 Min. Deposit:$100
✍️ Operated ByFXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd
🟢 Regulated By:CySEC
✔️License Number315/16
🌎 Head Office LocationCyprus
📅 Year Established2006

Foremost Technologies For Achieving Peaks

It is noticed that the company hired the most knowledgeable developers to set the advanced as well as usable trading platform up. The broker’s platform contains as many functional instruments as possible. The developers dowered the platform with several trading platforms, a great number of tradable assets, charts, and an educative information section. Thus, wise the broker can also offer a practical site named 101Investing.

101Investing Review: Safety First

101Investing gleans information to open trading accounts for clients and carry out. It keeps this information from the public. 101investing works under FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd, 179, Spyrou Kyprianou Ave., MGO Protopapas Building, 1st Floor, 3076, Limassol, Cyprus, regulated by CySEC, license number 315/16. 101Investing Company is governed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission to act as a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with CIF License No. 315/16. CySEC is the inspecting regulatory for Cyprus Investment Services Firms. Our license is subject to Law 87(I) 2017, which provides for the provision of investment services, the operation of the exercise of investment activities.

Your Trading Dreams With 101Investing

To be Full-Scale Investor with

As the broker transports your deposit to the exchange, you can open a deal in such a way. 101Investing supplies you with a great deal of financial instruments and articles in order to make out of your productive investor. The terms, which are arranged on the platform, can help you realize the most daring plans. You can find a lot of information on how to work out your own investing strategy.

It could be:

  • Long Term Strategy: Your capital is invested in stocks of leading companies for at least one year. Such investments must be based on fundamental analysis. It should consider the rate of change in the economy as well. The principle of forecasting is weekly and monthly charts that are presented on our platform.
  • Mid Term Strategy: The shares buy for a maximum of one year. The main analysis tool is daily and weekly charts, technical and fundamental analysis. You can learn how to do fundamental and technical analysis through webinars and tutorials on our site.
  • Short Term Strategy: The shares are held for a maximum of several weeks. The main analysis tool is hourly and daily intervals.
Learn About 101Investing Broker To Trade

Choose your strategy and start earning once you Open Account with 101Investing. The broker is a partner for the investors, which in search of a trading platform. It considers your productivity. The team of the broker developed the instruments and platform for traders can perform transactions with overall efficiency.

The Big-Time of the Broker

101Investing is a fledgeling company but involved many traders who want to trade online. The broker won several awards as a well-regarded brokerage company. The company swept the Best New Broker and Best FX Broker Europe. These rewards are indicative of trustworthy of our brand name.

101Investing Review:  Guides You in the Market

The brokerage firm takes on a response team to give you top service and guidance. The managers provide a first-class customer support service. To reach out to them, you can by the mean of e-mail that is shown on the site. There are other ways to contact with customer support services. The live chat is a quick and operative method. The site contains pho numbers and communicative forms to address the manager. Thanks to these forms, you can contact us directly to share your problems, ideas, and suggestions. It stands to mention that 101Investinf is constantly improving its services in accordance with the needs of the investors.

All Helpful Functions are found on the Platform.

Swap is available on 101Investing trading platform. The concept of swap is to transfer the transaction to the next day. Actually, this is the difference between bets, which the broker deducts or charges from the trader. It depends on whether the trader holds a long or short position. Swap value depends on the interest rate. Accordingly, such an operation is divided into two stages. At the first one, the primary exchange of assets or liabilities is carried out. In the second one, the return is the closing of the transaction. On the financial market the following swaps are distinguished:

  • Currency
  • Shares;
  • Interest;
  • Precious metal swaps

Do not be afraid of losses on the swap, no matter how long the deal closes. Any minus will be invisible due to margin and fluctuations in currency quotes. Take the benefits of the facilities after you Open Account with 101investing.

You Trade Any Asset on 101Investing Broker

101Investing platform also provides a full package of financial instruments. It is equipped with assets of all sorts. The broker offers to operate with the market’s currency sector, stocks, indices, and commodities.

Currency Trading

Operating on currency pairs is a trendy way to trade on the market. This tool gained its well-liked due to high volatility. A currency pair is a key concept in the basics of currency trading. In this market, profit is obtained by increasing or decreasing the value of a currency compared to another. For instance, you buy euros and sell US dollars (using the EUR / USD currency pair). For successful capitalizing, you need to sell US dollars as soon as the euro is valued against the dollar. There are two things to consider. First, traders never buy or sell a physical currency. Secondly, buying and selling take place in all foreign exchange transactions.

Trading on Commodities

The diverse raw materials, minerals, food products are called commodities on Exchange. The most liquid assets are oil, coffee, precious metals, dairy products, grains, sugar, pork, beef, and corn. Trading commodities, the parties can enter into fixed-term (on time) terms. Derivatives can be delivery and settlement. The market for the commodity is highly volatile, so traders prefer to gain on the market movements. The deals on commodity exchanges are divided into transactions for real goods (when there is a supply) and for urgent (speculative). Forward trades are futures contracts, options, and warrants. The most popular type of transactions on the commodity exchange is futures. The traders conclude transactions in the form of futures contracts for the supply of various commodities.

Trading on Stocks

Trading stocks consider a popular form of trading among investors. This is a straightforward asset that is always relevant. In order to trade shares, you need to keep track of the news of companies whose shares you want to acquire or sell. Depending on the news, the stock price of that or another company is rising or falling. We offer many tools for quality stock trading. Since this requires concentration and analysis, we give you the tools to exercise it. We have 30 professional analytics tools. Timely place bets from any selected device or uses them all for your maximum comfort. All your data will synchronize. Keep an eye on the stock market and respond quickly.

101Investing Trading on Stocks With Quality

Trading on Indices

Many traders think that only currency pairs can be traded. But 101Investing broker provides a wide range of trading tools. On the site, you can pick up any trading asset that is convenient for you specifically. You can choose any tool based on your preferences and intentions. An index is a measure of the average price of a particular financial instrument. For example, grouped shares the company calculated by various rating agencies and organizations. Indices are calculated using different formulas. The index chart is not distinct from the charts of other trading instruments, but many traders try to develop some differences in them. Indices can analyze with almost any indicator, technical analysis, or candlestick analysis. On 101Investing, you find many ways to realize yourself.

101Investing prepared cross-platform for you to be able to work from PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You need only internet access to trade on online Exchange. This platform helps you focus on your trading activities without worrying about hidden fees. The broker adheres to a clear financial policy, so you always know what you are doing.

The platforms To Implement The Trading Plans

101Investing offers to trade progressive versions of the platform. You try and choose what fits you perfectly.

MetaTrader 4 is an efficient mode for performing trading activity and fits investors with different levels of training. One of the powers of MetaTrader 4 is its analytic features. Online quotes and interactive charts in 9 periods allow you to view quotes under a magnifying glass and quickly respond to any price movement.

Web Trader undertakes to the easiest access to trading. This is the same MT4 platform that you use to, only now it is available directly in your browser. Using the web tab, you get instant access to trading anywhere and anytime. Web Trader on 101Investing offers you a handy interface, with additional encryption of any transmitted data due to the same functionality. The investors can use the “one-click” function to open and close positions, an effective risk management system, and exceptional charting capabilities.

The broker offers to put the financial market in your pocket.  101Investing prepared an application for an Android or iOS-based devices. This is convenient, especially if you do not have time and willing to spend hours at the trading terminal. It supports all options that Web version and MT4 do.

101Investing Review: Choose the Sum For the Start

101Investing concerns about the effectiveness of the investors. All traders have different goals as well as requirements. The broker masterminded four levels of trading accounts. There are Silver, Gold, and Platinum, as well as the Pro version. Deciding the type of account, you pick, you develop and unlock your potential.

On the Silver type, you get at the disposal hedging, the amount of FX margin is up to 1:30 (retail+Pro clients), the access to all the assets.

The Gold account opens a little more function to use. Here you find hedging; professional clients margin up to 1:400, swap discount 25%, and access to any financial instrument.

When you open a Platinum account, you allow using hedging, the professional margin for investors up to 1:500, swap discount 50%.

A-Pro mode of the account is exclusive with personalized and VIP options. It contains functions for professional traders as free VPS as well as investment news updates. All modes of the accounts are useful and practical in equal measure.

101Investing Review: Grow and Achieve

101Investing Broker prepared educative materials that are helpful as well. If you want to scale the loftiest heights of the trading, you need to accumulate knowledge. The platform maintains a section with useful information. This educative data is also in the form of articles, webinars, VODs, tutorials, online courses, e-books, economic and earnings calendars. The section with useful information has been made for traders with different qualifications and style. The managers are always readily available to help and guide if you need it. Open Account with 101investing to get your personal manager.

101Ivesting Trading Account Types

Amount of FX leverage
1:30 (Retail clients)
Professional Clients Leverage: up to 1:400/1:500Professional Clients Leverage: up to 1:400/1:500VIP
Fifth decimalFifth decimalFifth decimalAccount For Professional Traders
Swap discount
Swap discount
Available base currencies EUR/USD, GBP/USD USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, and moreAvailable base currencies EUR/USD, GBP/USD USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, and moreAvailable base currencies EUR/USD, GBP/USD USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, and more

101Investing Review: The Bottom line

101Investing Broker appeared to begin to realize trading potential. The platform also fills top assets to trade, platforms to monitor the market, and information to improve yourself. The broker took into account all aspects and goals that traders would like to reach. 101Investing Review gives a chance to everyone who decided to try themself in web financing. The instruments and capacity of the platform allow to use it to the greatest possible extent. The platform is oriented on successful trading. You can experience it on 101Investing.


Is 101investing regulated?

Yes, 101Investing is regulated by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

What is the minimum amount of money to start investing?

The minimum amount to start on 101investing platform is 100 USD/GBP/EUR.

How do I open a 101investing demo account?

Go to the broker website and create a new account. After that, you will automatically receive a demo account with $100k (virtual money).

Is 101investing.com fake?

No, 101Investing is legit. 101Investing is operated by FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd, authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under license number 315/16

Is 101investing a Scam?

No, 101investing is legitimate. This broker is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Can I try 101investing before I buy?

Yes, you will get a demo account after registration.

What is the minimum deposit for 101investing?

The minimum deposit for 101investing is 100 USD/GBP/EUR.

Is 101investing Legit?

Yes, 101investing is legal and regulated by the CySEC.

What is 101investing?

101Investing is a European regulated broker for trading investments.

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  1. I like working with the MT4 platform. I’m looking forward to the launch of the MT5 platform. 101investing is definitely a reliable broker I can recommend

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